YO-YOS, for day and night as an inexpensive promotional gift. A red LED light inside flashes when it is in motion. The multi-bearings inside make it easy for you to perform all your favourite tricks!
Large printing area for branding with up to 6 full colours or digital print colours on both sides..

Acrylic exterior material, batteries included. All YO-YO'S light up in red when used, regardless of the material colour. Weight approx. 45g.

Trust our more than 30 years experience in the sporting ball production!

YO-YO short information

YO-YOS from ballprint as a super promotion for your customers or as great fundraisers for any kind of event. The bright red LED light inside attracts your advertising message. With us you can buy YO-YOS at best conditions. Advertisers can have all our YO-YOS printed individually. Our products are successfully used by many companies.

Delivery time and order quantity:

Minimum quantity: max. delivery time: colours: size: print size: print colours:
from 50 pieces 3-4 weeks as shown Ø 55 & deep 35mm Ø 35mm 6c full colour or digital print
Yo-Yo colour variation
Yo-Yo by night

Yo-Yo detailed view
Yo-Yo blister packing
Yo-Yo blister packing
Yo-Yo yellow
Yo-Yo blue
Yo-Yo transparent