Custom Volleyballs

Trust our more than 30 years experience in sporting ball production

we create and produce custom volleyballs according to your demands. In the following we present you some proposals how to add your logo in the center.

will be made professional and free of charge for you. Just mail us your logo and rough idea for design or rather material colour matching and we will create a digital sample of your ball.

decides the price. You decide as per budget, purpose and quantity if you need a promotional- training- or high class match ball. We offer a wide range of different materials.

in SEDEX-, ISO- & ILO- certified production facilities.

minimum quantity delivery time 1 delivery time 2 del. time 3
50/100 pcs 12-14 weeks 8 weeks 5 weeks
depends on quality sea freight import air freight import express import

Leisure- and Training Volleyball

made of very soft and structured synth. leather. Different standard material colours available

imprint size on a panel apx. 17cm (size 5)

available sizes:
model apx. Ø apx. circumfr. apx. print size
size 5/senior 21cm 65-67cm 17cm
size 1/mini 16cm 51-52 cm 12cm
custom Volleyball Layout FAS TRACK, custom volleyballs
custom Volleyball Layout Leibniz
custom Volleyball Layout SONY
custom Volleyball Layout Kempinski
Leisure and training custom Volleyball FAST TRACKLeisure and training custom Volleyball FAST TRACK
Leisure and training custom Volleyball
Leisure and training custom Volleyball
Leisure and training custom Volleyball

Match Volleyball

Competition softtouch PU Ball with ‚Leather Feel' surface. Best suitable for Beach and Indoor use. Material basic colour white, full screen print of panels according to Pantone possible.

imprint size on a panel apx. 17cm (size 5)

custom Volleyball Layout Nespresso
custom Volleyball Layout Settemari
custom Volleyball Layout NESTEA
custom Volleyball Layout insignio
Match custom Volleyball Nespresso
Match custom Volleyball Settemari
Match custom Volleyball NESTEA
Match custom Volleyball insignioMatch custom Volleyball insignio

Promotion Volleyball

low price PVC promotional ball. Different material colours
in matt or shiny available

imprint size on a panel apx. 17cm(size 5)

Promotion custom Volleyball
Leisure & Promotion custom Volleyball
Promotion custom Volleyball
Promotion custom Volleyball BE ACTIVE

more volleyball examples:

Molded PU Foam Volleyballs & Stress Balls

with closed skin, water-repellent, robust and durable

MMQ apx. size Ø Jump properties Colours Delivery time
1.000 pieces 18 & 20 cm good bounce various 12 weeks
3.000 pieces 12 & 15 cm good bounce various 12 weeks
5.000 pieces 6.3 & 10 cm good bounce various 12 weeks
50 pieces 6.3 cm - Stress Ball low bounce blue/yellow/white 3 weeks
PU Soft custom Volleyball WATER WORLDs
PU Soft-Volleyball yellow/silver
PU Soft-Volleyball light blue/royal
PU Soft-Volleyball yellow/light blue/royal
Stress Volleyball
Stress Volleyball

Squeeze Soft-Volleyballs

extreme soft, with polyester foam filling. Machine stitched PU upper material.

Soft Squeeze custom Volleyball ESNO
apx. sizes & dimensions Dimension MMQ.
Size 5 21cm 50 pieces
Size 4 20 cm 50 pieces
Mini size 1 15-16 cm 100 pieces
Mini size 0 11-12 cm 100 pieces
Delivery time 1 Delivery time 2 Delivery time 3
10-12 weeks 7-8 weeks 4 weeks
Sea freight Import Airfreight Import Express Import