Custom Handballs

Trust our more than 30 years experience in sporting ball production

we create and produce custom handballs according to your demands. In the following we present you some proposals how to add your logo in the center.

will be made professional and free of charge for you. Just mail us your logo and rough idea for design or rather material colour matching and we will create a digital sample of your ball.

Production: in SEDEX-, ISO- & ILO- certified production facilities.

decides the price. You decide as per budget, purpose and quantity if you need a promotional- training- or high class match ball. We offer a wide range of different materials.

Delivery time and order quantity:
min. quantity delivery time 1 delivery time 2 del. time 3
50/100 pcs 13-15 weeks 8 weeks 5-6 weeks
depends on model sea freight import air freight import express import

Classic template

Print on single panels or alternatively on 'double panels' - these are 2 seamless side by side panels for best possible imprints.

32 Panel
32 Panel
30 Panel
30 Panel
28 Panel
28 Panel
26 Panel
26 Panel

size chart

size circumf. weight players
III 58-60cm 425-475g men
II 54-56cm 325-375 women & junior
I 50-52cm 290-330g junior
0 47-48cm 225-300g mini

Absolute Novelty! Double Bonded Handball.

stitched and glued

Double Bonded HandballDouble Bonded Handball

self-glueing Handballs

selbstklebender Handball

The Double Bonded production method is an absolute novelty in the handball production. It is the combination of two well-known technologies, the stitched and the glued handballs. The PU outer skin, with multilayer foam lamination and specially protected seams, give the ball extremely soft playability. It can literally be "grabbed into the ball". The nylon-covered latex bladder also prevents over-pumping of the ball.

Double Bonded plus self-gluing – more is not possible!
The combination of these two technologies is an unprecedented new sense of touch and surpasses everything you've known so far. Super extreme soft play features plus a maximum of grip, without the use of additional handball glue, give the handball game a whole new ball feeling. Self-gluing handballs are only available in match ball quality with a grained surface.

Our self-gluing technology is a further development of self-gluing handballs already known in the market. The grip is lasting longer so that the joy of playing is increased to a maximum. The cleaning of dirt is done here also traditionally with water and a damp cloth, as well as a dab, but after longer intervals! Especially where no handball resin is allowed, our new self-adhesive ball technology is a real alternative without any soiling on the hall floors.

High Quality PU Match Handballs

Exclusive designed PU Match handball. ,Golf ball' grain gives an excellent grip. Neoprene lamination offers greater control
and a tight grip, where the player grips 'into' the ball, ensuring superior handling characteristics. Official sizes.

PU Match handball OSG
PU Match handball A NET
PU Match Handball JobRouter
PU Match Handball MTV
PU Match handball QATCH white
PU Match handball Suwag
PU Match Handball TG
PU Match handball BLUE LINE
PU Match Handball Möbel Wikinger
PU Match handball QATCH yellow

PU Training- & Match Handballs

Robust and grippy PU training- and match handball. Neoprene lamination enables the player to
get a grip 'into' the ball, ensuring optimal throwing and catching properties. Official sizes.

PU Match Handball POWERBALL
PU Training and Match Hanball FIREBALL
PU Training and Match Hanball D&G
Training- and Match Handball VSV
PU Training and Match Hanball TSV Anderten
PU Training and Match Hanball AVACON

Robust School- & Leisure Handballs

Very robust school- & leisure handball made of rubber. Grip surface in any material 
colour according Pantone without extra price available. Official sizes

Rubber handball BLUE
Rubber Handball DREWAG
Rubber handball Kreissparkasse
Rubber handball EDEKA

more rubber handballs

Rubber handball TSV
Rubber Handball Camp

Softtouch Promo Handball

PVC Replica Mini Handball

Promotion Handball UBSPromotion Handball UBS
Replica Mini Handball

18 Panel Design

Professional produced club handballs for training and match or as replicas.

template 18 Panel Handball
18 Panel Handball FORMAXX
18 Panel Handball TusSies
18 Panel Handball CinemaxX