Stress Dices

53mm & 63mm Premium Stress Cube
our high-quality stress cubes can be printed with your logo in many colours, perfect for advertising your brand.
Made of high quality PU foam, these striking advertising stress cubes are not only of high quality but also of great value.

Stress cubes are ideal if you want more than just a logo printed. 6 sides offer a good printing area, which can be printed with up to 6 colours in pad printing or multicoloured in digital printing.

*Important information: all moulded foamed articles have a visible seam,
which is unavoidable in manufacturing and cannot be claimed!

Trust our more than 30 years experience in sporting ball production
Delivery and order quantity:
MMQ: delivery time: colours: size:
from 50 pcs max.3-4 weeks standard colours Ø 53 & 63mm
from 1.000pcs apx. 12 weeks acc. to Pantone Ø 53 & 63mm
from 5.000pcs apx. 12 weeks acc. to Pantone more sizes, special direct import

Dice with rounded edges size 53 x 53 x 53mm
Max. print size 40x40mm in a circle and for digital printing also apx. 38x38mm in a square

colour variation Stress Dices 53mm
Stress Dice sky blue
Anti-Stress Würfel orange
Stress Dice red
Pantone colours 53mm Dices similar:
sky blue orange red yellow navy blue
285c 021c 185c 012c 072c
Stress Dice yellow
Stress Dice navy blue
Anti-Stress Würfel weiss

Cube size 63 x 63 x 63mm
Max. print size in square: pad printing 45x45mm and digital printing 55x55mm

Stress Cube colour variation 63mm
Stress Cube green 63mm
Stress Cube red 63mm
Stress Cube yellow 63mm
Stress Cube multicolored 63mm
Stress Cube white 63mm
Stress Cube blue 63mm
63mm Stress Cubes PMS colours

Dice with dots size 53 x 53 x 53mm with rounded edges

Stress Dice Keyring 40x40x40mm

with numbers 1-6
 Max. print area 30 x 15mm

Stress Dices with numbers 1-6

without number 1 but 2-6 
Max. print area 40 x 40mm

Stress Dices without number 1

with numbers 1-6
Max. print area 10 x 25mm

Stress Dice Keyring

Open-pored, precision milled cubes WITHOUT seams made of soft foam with rounded corners and edges

this quality is rather expensive compared to moulded foam cubes

70mm Würfel gefrässt
size & weight print area minimum order quantity delivery time
70x70x70mm - 8g Ø 45mm 200 Stück 3-4 Wochen
Dice colours
Dice colours

Logo printing: only 1c standard colours - no Pantone prints possible!

further Dice sizes:
size apx. weight print area minimum order quantity delivery time
160x160x160mm 90g Ø 135mm 27 pieces 3-4 weeks
300x300x300mm 635g Ø 200mm 8 pieces 3-4 weeks
400x400x400mm 1.400g Ø 300mm 2 pieces 3-4 weeks
500x500x500mm 2.800g Ø 400mm 1 piece 3-4 weeks