Custom Stress Balls

Profitieren Sie von unserer über 30jährigen Erfahrung in der Herstellung von Werbebällen

Stress Ball short information

Stress balls and anti-stress advertising articles from ballprint as a super promotion for your customers. Also known under the names: kneading ball, crumple ball, stress ball. With us you buy anti-stress balls at the best conditions. Advertisers can have all our anti-stress advertising materials printed individually. Our products are used successfully by many companies. Ideal for schools, trainers, hospitals, therapists and the like.

+++ NOVELTY +++

Anti-Bacterial Stress BallAnti-Bacterial Stress Ball

Squeeze away germs with our new Anti-Bac stress balls!

Fully certificated and clinically proven to kill 99% of germs!

Manufactured with a antimicrobial agent which is clinically proven to fight off harmful bacteria such as, MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and will continue to fight for the lifetime of the product.

Use our stress balls to not only help you relax, but also to help keep your hands germs free!

Our Anti-Bac stress balls can be printed in up to full colour with your design, perfect for advertising your brand.

Manufactured in high quality PU foam these striking promotional stress toys are not just great quality they are also great value.

70mm Balll only available in white - minimum order quantity 50 pieces


60mm & 70mm Premium Stress balls
our high-quality anti-stress balls can be printed with your logo up to four colours, perfectly for the advertising of your brand. Made from high quality PU foam, these distinctive promotional stress balls are not only of high quality, but also of great value.

Delivery and order quantity
MMQ. Delivery time Colours Sizes
from 50 pieces 3-4 weeeks standard colours Ø 60 & 70mm
from 5.000 pieces 10-12 weeks similar to Pantone Ø 55, 63, 70 & 90mm

Print area

Print area 70mm Stress ball
Print area 60mm Anti Stress ball
Stress ball pad printing up to 5 coloursStress ball pad printing up to 5 colours

Pad Printing Up To 5 Colours

Digital PrintDigital Print

Digital Print

Stress ball LANXESSStress ball LANXESS

Pad Printing 1 and more colours

Anti-Stress ball SAM

Laser Engraved

Stock colours Ø 70mm balls - very soft balls not bouncing

 Stress balls colour range

Stock colours Ø 60mm balls - firmer balls with good bounce

Colour variation 60mm Stress balls

Stock colours Ø 70mm Smiley balls - very soft balls not bouncing

Colour variation 70mm Smiley Stress balls
Smiley Stress Ball WFGSmiley Stress Ball WFG
Pantone colours 60mm balls
royal blue 285c navy blue 072c red 185c orange 021c
light pink 182c pink 806c black green 340c
white yellow purple 2593c
Smiley ball colours
yellow purple white
light pink green orange
red blue

Stress Snow BAll, white
Ø 55mm

Stress Ribbon Ball
 white & black -  Ø 70mm

Stress Snow Ball
70mm Stress Ribbon Ball70mm Stress Ribbon Ball

More Smiley Stress Balls - Ø 75mm

Stress Ball Smiley
Smiley Stress Ball


Ball- and print size
Model Ball size Ø Print size
Football 63mm Ø 30mm
Tennis ball 63mm Ø 35mm
Basketball 63mm Ø30mm & 25x15mm
Golf ball 63mm Ø 40mm
Volleyball 63mm Ø 35mm
Baseball 63mm Ø 30mm
Rugby ball 100 x 60 x 60mm 45 x 25mm
Amercian Football 80 x 50 x 50mm 20 x 35mm
Beach Ball 63mm 25 x 35mm
Cricket Ball 70mm Ø 45mm
Anti-Stress football Youth SoccerAnti-Stress football Youth Soccer
Anti-Stress football Youth Soccer
Stress football DFB
Stress football DFB
Stress Tennis ballStress Tennis ball
Stress Tennis ball
Anit-Stress Golf ball
Anit-Stress Golf ball
Stress Volleyball
Stress Volleyball
Stress Rugby ball
Stress Rugby ball
Stress Rugby ball
Stress Rugby ball
Stress American Football
Stress American Football
Stress AM Football weiß
Stress AM Football weiß
Stress Basketball
Stress Basketball
Stress Baseball
Stress Baseball
Stress Beach ball
Stress Beach ball
Stress Cricket ball
Stress Cricket ball


Squashy Stress Ball collection

Manufactured with refined, high quality PU foam these super soft squashy stress balls have a premium feel and feature a slow release so no matter how small you make them they will spring back to 100% of their original size!

Minimum order quantity 50 pieces - Delivery time max. 3-4 week
red blue black white
Squashy, red


Delivery and order quantity:
Minimum order quantity Delivery time size Ø
from 1.000 pieces 12 weeks 60 & 70mm
All Over Print Stress Balls 60mm
All Over Print Stress Balls 70mm


extreme soft, with polyester foam filling. Machine stitched PU upper material. Almost without bounce.

Ball colours: different standard material colours available or special colouring of panels according to Pantone possible. Logo printing: multicoloured.

Production: in SEDEX-, ISO- & ILO- certified production facilities.

minimum order quantity delivery time 1 delivery time 2 delivery time 3
100 pcs 10-12 weeks 7-8 weeks 4 weeks
Import by: sea freight air freight express
Mini Squeeze Stress American Football
Stress Ball Squeeze No Sports
Stress Football Squeeze
Anti-Stress Squeeze Softball
Stress Football or RugbyStress Football or Rugby
Stress Football or Rugby
Stress Football or Rugby
Stress Football or Rugby
Stress Rugby BallStress Rugby Ball
Stress Rugby Ball
Stress Football or RugbyStress Football or Rugby
Stress Football or Rugby
Rugby Ball or American Football with printed lace
Sizes & dimensions lenght apx. Ø apx. circumf. apx.
Größe 00 13-14cm 6-7cm 20-21cm
Größe 0 16-17cm 7-8cm 24-25cm
different availabe Mini ball models and apx. sizes
32 Panel: Ø 8-9cm Ø 10-11cm Ø 13-14
26 Panel: Ø 14 -15cm

12 Panel: Ø 8 - 9cm Ø 10-11cm Ø 11-12cm
6 Panel: Ø14-15cm

Volleyball: Ø11-12cm Ø15-16cm
32 Pane Min Football
32 Pane Min Football
Stress Mini Football
Stress Mini Football
26 Panel Penta Mini
26 Panel Penta Mini
12 Panel Soft Mini 12 Panel Soft Mini
12 Panel Soft Mini
6 Panel Soft Mini
6 Panel Soft Mini
Volleyball Soft Mini
Volleyball Soft Mini