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Benefit from our 30 years of experience in the production of advertising balls in exquisite quality and with fast and affordable delivery. From football to tennis ball we print everything individually in different quality levels. For the new funsport football billiard we deliver ball sets, which you can now also print individually. We are happy to prepare ball printing offers for you. Use our offer form for this.

Custom promotional balls online

Custom made promotional balls: Soccer-, Rugby-, Volleyball etc. - Your corporate quality balls made by ballprint

Branded balls: whether football, tennis ball, basketball etc. - Your logo will be in the center on ballprint quality balls.

A round matter: ballprint is known for creative consultancy, artfully realization and competent production in SEDEX, ISO & ILO certified manufacturing facilities. Our focus is on your LOGO, your GRAPHIC, your EXPECTATIONS.

So you remain faithful with the visual of your trademark and win on points in every match. Fast and flexible: if small or bigger editions, we produce your order professionally to let you win the match!

Event Khalifa Stadium Qatar

Custom printed balls are ideal for the transport of your advertising message in all target groups. The qualitative nature and haptic of our products let your customers feel to have a high-quality advertising ball in his hands, which will be not put aside like for example a flyer. You present with your own advertising ball a long-lasting and very popular giveaway for different occasions (actions, events, trade fairs, anniversaries, sporting events, etc.) – with ballprint balls it will be really a round matter.

Your advertisement on jerseys by ballprint

Player shirt longarm
Player shirt shortarm
universal bib
training bib


Football Billiard  - Soccerpool balls & fields - a new fun sport conquers the world!

weltweiter Vertrieb by ballprint gmbh/Germany

,CALCiAMBOLA' Soccerpool In- und Outdoor Courts
(preferably for commercial use)

Soccerpool Billiard fields for outdoor and indoorSoccerpool Billiard fields for outdoor and indoor
Soccerpool Billiard fields for outdoor and indoor

Soccerpool Billiard footballs immed. ex works available!
Play and fun for everyone

Soccerpool Billiard footballs in size 4 + 3Soccerpool Billiard footballs in size 4 + 3
Soccerpool Billiard footballs in size 4 + 3

SOCCERPOOL Billiard Football - Worldwide deliveries

LED flashlights with logo focus

Your brand in the right light! Coloured logo projection onto illuminated objects

Mini promomtional LED flashlight with coloured logo projection. Small and handy, also suitable as a keychain. Top Giveaway. Logo display at ,day & night'.

LED torch with laser engraving