SoccerPool - Football Billiard
SoccerPool - Football Billiard
The new fun sport enters Europe
Try it now
Try it now
and join the club
SoccerPool - Football Billiard
The new fun sport enters Europe
Try it now
and join the club

Football Billiard - Soccerpool

Soccer Pool CALCIAMBOLA by ballprint

a new fun sport conquers Europe

Billiard Soccer balls and fields

Whether Football Billiard, Snook Pool, Foot Pool or Snook Football..., there are different phrasing for this new fun sport which conquers actually Europe and which is a combination of billiard and football. You play on an oversized pool field with size 4 or 3 footballs. The balls are same marked like real billiard balls i.e. seven half and seven full plus the black eight. These balls have a regular bounce, while the white ball has a low bounce. You must not be a good soccer player, it’s more about tactics, accuracy and fun.


Watch our video:

Soccerpool fields on an island in the North Sea

Soccerpool fields zoom

Soccerpool Billiard Field

Main distributor Europe CALCiAMBOLA Courts: ballprint gmbh. - Hamburg / Germany
Looking for sub distributors in various European countries - please contact us in case of interest.

ballprint Soccerpool Billiard football sets are immediately ex works available !
Custom made billiard soccer balls up from 5 sets.

Billiard footballs - Footpool soccer balls - soccerpool balls
Billiard Soccer balls and bagzoom

High quality hand stitched PU soccer balls (PVC free) with synthetic butyl bladder to keep the air pressure at a longer constant level.
Set with 16 soccerpool billiard footballs incl. strong ball bag with shoulder belt.
Ask for an offer !

Trust our more than 25 years experience in the sporting ball production !

ball size circumfr. apx. Ø apx. coloured balls white ball
4 63,5-66cm 20-21cm with bounce low bounce
3 58-60cm 18-19cm with bounce low bounce
size 5 pool balls on request

Soccerpool Courts - TUV inspected and approved acc. to DIN EN 1176

Soccerpool Outdoor Court
extremely weather resistant

Soccerpool Indoor Court
with protective lacquer coating

Soccerpool Outdoor Courtzoom
Outdoor Court - measurements Playground field Material
6,80x3,80x0,27m (26sqm) 6 x 3m Okoumé wood

Okoumé or also known as Gabon Mahogany is a special wood from the boat building with RINA certification (RINA-Cert. No .: DIP275410CS), which is characterized by low weight, long life and high mechanical strength. Okoumé wood is obtained from sustainable forestry. (FSC certified)

Mobile construction kid, consisting only 10 pieces for rapid assembly and dismantling. Construction possible within just 15 minutes.

Follow Video presentation >>


Advertising space:
large space for individual personalization available

Soccerpool Indoor Courtzoom
Indoor Court - measurements Playground field Material
6,80x3,80x0,27m (26sqm) 6 x 3m Fir

single-layered, 18mm thick wooden plates with triple moisture protection coating, high gloss finish.

High quality 10mm thick artifical soccer turf incl. field markings and drainage for rainwater.

Soccerpool turf incl. field markingszoom

incl. wooden triangle

wooden Soccerpool trianglezoom

special accessories

  • 2 lockable drawers each for 8 balls.
  • Outdoor covering with with reinforced edges.

  • 1 pallet 2x2m, height 0,85m, weight 150 kg.
  • rolled turf, lenght 3,80 x Ø 20cm, weight 80 kg.
    Measurements are approximately.


custom balls up from 5 sets

custom Billiard footballzoom

Footpool | Soccerpool |
Snook balls

Footpool soccer ball


custom Billard Footballzoom
custom Billard Football

ball bag for 1 set snook balls

Bag for 16 Billiard footballszoom

custom balls up from 5 sets

custom Billiard soccer ball zoom

special production in different size and qualities on request

Footpool soccer ball

Tips how to build your own court for private use

,Partybench' Court

Partybench Courtzoom

,Partybench' Court
simple but efficiently assembled and disassembled:
Dimen. with 6 benches:
apx. 5,20 x 2,60m, also good size for Indoor
Dimen. with 12 benches:
apx. 9,60 x 4,80m

,Tile' Court

Tile Court
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